State Route 432, I-5 to SR 411


Last Driven April 2015

MP: 10

Location: Tennant Way and I-5, Longview

BGS Reassurer after I-5. SR 432 is a freeway right here, but will exit in 2 miles and the freeway continues for a bit as a local road but ends shortly after the exit

(Historic Photo: September 2007)

MP: 9.29

Location: Tennant Way and Dike Rd, Longview

Reassurance shield after Dike Rd. Note the crazy environmental change between 2015 and 2007.

MP: 8.83

Location: Tenant Way and Dike Rd, Longview

Shortly after that, we’ll approach 3rd Avenue and SR 411.


(Historic Photo: September 2007)

MP: 7.93

Location: Tennant Way and 3rd Ave, Longview

Nice, complicated interchange here. This is a better sign than the old one, as it’s visible at high speeds. Exit for SR 432 west and SR 411.

MP: 7.65

Location: Tennant Way and 3rd Ave, Longview

Turn left for SR 411 North, right for SR 432 W. SR 432 also a truck route. These two signs sit right next to each other.

W to SR 433

N to SR 4

N to SR 4, S to SR 503