Interstate 5, SR 505 to US-12


Last Driven April 2015

(Historic Photo: August 2007)

MP: 63.77

Location: I-5 and Toledo-Winlock Rd, Lewis Cty

Reassurance shield after SR 505

MP: 67.26

Location: I-5 and US-12, Lewis Cty

JCT US-12 coming up. This is a weirdly formatted sign. Anyway, US-12 East heads over White Pass to JCT I-82 in Yakima. US-12 West, actually, will multiplex with I-5 north and then head over to Aberdeen

MP: 68.1

Location: I-5 and US-12, Lewis Cty

US-12 exits, heads over to Yakima

N to SR 508, S to SR 506

E to SR 122, W to SR 508

N to Winlock, S to SR 504