U.S. Route 101, SR 109 to US-12


MP: 87.5

Location: Lincoln St and 5th St, Hoquiam

US-101 bears right onto 5th, a reminder of this


MP: CPLT/87.56

Location: 5th St and W Simpson Ave, Hoquiam

US-101 turns left onto Simpson Ave. We are now in a one-way couplet


MP: CPLT/87.6

Location: 5th St and Simpson Ave, Hoquiam

Reminder to turn left


MP: CPLT/87.8

Location: W Simpson Ave and 7th St, Hoquiam

Reassurance shield on the left side of the road. Most will now be ont he left as this is a one way road and thru traffic theoretically keeps left


MP: CPLT/89.29

Location: W Simpson Ave and N 31st St, Hoquiam

Reassurance shield as we pass through downtown Hoquiam, right before the Aberdeen city limit line


MP: CPLT/89.82

Location: Simpson Ave and Duffy St, Aberdeen

Reassurance shield shortly after entering Aberdeen


MP: CPLT/89.84

Location: Simpson Ave and Duffy St, Aberdeen

Grays Harbor CC is right off of 105 at its northern terminus, so following signs to it seems to be a good idea


MP: CPLT/90.21

Location: Simpson Ave and Jefferies St, Aberdeen

ANother reassurance shield as we head through Aberdeen. It’s a pretty congested place, so the signs are nice as it could be easy to miss a turn


MP: CPLT/90.33

Location: Simpson Ave and Park St, Aberdeen

US-101 bears right onto Park St


MP: CPLT/90.57

Location: Park St and Second St, Aberdeen

Reassurance shield after the bear right. Shield moves to the right side of the road, mysteriously


MP: CPLT/90.73

Location: Park St and Market St, Aberdeen

Left-hand-side reassurer


MP: CPLT/90.84

Location; Park St and W Heron St, Aberdeen

US-101 turns left. Aberdeen has quite a large downtown core


MP: CPLT/91.16

Location: W Heron St and M St, Aberdeen

Left lanes for US-12, right for US-101 to SR 105 (good to see they stayed faithful in signing it)


MP: CPLT/91.46

Location: W Heron St and H St

US-101 turns right to head over the bridge out of town. US-12 continues straight, all the way to Detroit.



S to SR 105, N to SR 109 SPUR

E to SR 107

N to SR 109 SPUR