U.S. Route 101, SR 112 to SR 113



MP: 236.74

Location: US-101 and County Rd, Clallam Cty

Random reassurance shield


MP: 231.82

Location: US-101 and E Beach Rd, Clallam Cty

Reassurance shield just before we enter Olympic National Park


MP: 211.02

Location: US-101 and Riverside Dr, Clallam Cty

Reassurance shield as we leave Olympic National Park



MP: 208.86

Location: US-101, Clallam Cty

Random Reassurer


MP: 205.86

Location: US-101 and Bear Creek Rd, Sappho, Clallam Cty

JCT SR 113 coming up in a couple miles, a spur up to SR 112.


MP: 203.96

Location: US-101 and Burnt Mountain Rd, Sappho, Clallam Cty

JCT SR 113


S to SR 110, N to SR 117

N to SR 112

W to SR 113