U.S. Route 12, SR 107 to SR 8


MP: 10.91

Location: US-12 and SR 107, Montesano

Reassurance shield after SR 107


MP: 14.86

Location: US-12 and Monte Brady Rd, Brady, Grays Harbor Cty

Reassurance shield after Monte Brady Rd


MP: 16.47

Location: US-12 and 4th St, Satsop, Grays Harbor Cty

Reassurance shield after the turnoff to Satsop


MP: 20.18

Location: US-12 and S 3rd St, Elma

US-12 will exit off in half a mile and SR 8 will take over the expressway


MP: 20.72

Location: US-12 and SR 8, Rochester

Take 8 to 101 to 5 if heading to Seattle or 12 if you are heading to Portland. Not entirely true, though. If I’m heading to Tumwater, I don’t want to follow those I-5 South signs as I’ll end up driving 30 miles north once I get there



E to I-5, W to US-101

E to SR 108

S to US-101