State Route 8, SR 108 to US-101


MP: 8.06

Location: SR 8 and Mox-Chehalis Rd, McCleary

Reassurance shield after the Mox-Chehalis Rd interchange, the second exit to McCleary


MP:  9.12

Location: SR 8 and Mox-Chehalis Rd E, McCleary

Mox-Chehalis Rd E branches off Mox-Chehalis Rd and heads to an at-grade intersection wtih SR 8. This reassurance shield is located after that intersection


MP: 10.92

Location: SR 8 and Cooper Rd SW, Thurston Cty

Reassurance  shield after Cooper Rd SW

MP: 13.51

Location: SR 8 and Summit Lake Rd NW, Thurston Cty

Reassurance shield after Summit Lake Rd NW

MP: 16.2

Location: SR 8 and Rock Candy Mountain Rd SW

Reassurance shield after Rock Candy Mountain Rd. A note of history: the mountain, located in Capitol State National Forest, was named after the song which depicts a hobo’s paradise

MP:  20.31

Location: SR 8 and US-101, Olympia

JCT US-101 coming up in a mile. But US-101 “North” (actually south), will exit off of US-101 “South” (actually North) once SR 8 ends and turns into US-101

MP: 20.63

Location: SR 8 and US-101, Olympia

SR 8 ends, turning into US-101 North (signed as US-101 S)

W to US-12

S to SR 108, N to I-5

E to US-101