State Route 202, SR 520 to SR 203


MP: 7.92

Location: Redmond Way and SR 520, Redmond

Reassurance shield after SR 520

MP: 9.58

Location: NE Redmond-Fall City Rd and NE 196th St, Redmond

Reassurance shield after NE 196th St

MP: 18.29

Location: Redmond-Fall City Rd and 292nd Ave SE, King Cty

Reassurance shield after 292nd Ave

MP: 20.66

Location: Redmond-Fall City Rd SE and 324th Ave SE, Fall City

Reassurance shield after a string of intersections

MP: 21.19

Location: SE Redmond-Fall City Rd and 332nd Ave SE, Fall City

Taking the Preston-Fall City Rd is a good way to get to I-90 from here. Also, another roundabout being constructed. Good to see these making a resurgence

MP: 21.7

Location: Redmond-Fall City Rd SE and Preston-Fall City Rd SE, Fall City

Bear right to get to I-90, left to stay on 202

MP: 21.81

Location: Fall City-Snoqualmie Rd SE and Fall-City Carnation Rd SE, Fall City

Left for SR 203, a road back up to Monroe

E to I-90, W to SR 908

N to US-2

W to I-405