Interstate 90, SR 906 to SR 970


MP: 57.93

Location: I-90, Kittitas Cty


MP: 60.98

Location: Kittias Cty

Reassurance Shield


MP: 72.1

Location: Railroad St & I-90, Easton WA

Welcome to Eastern Washington!


MP: 84.17

Location: I-90 and Oaks Ave, Cle Elum

1 mile to JCT SR 970, which spurs about 2 blocks to SR 903


MP: 84.71

Location: Cle Elum, Kittitas Cty

Reassurance shield in Cle Elum


MP: 85.09

Location: Cle Elum, Kittitas Cty

1/2 mile to SR 970. Interesting sign, as it gives SR 903′s direction (North), even though 903 is not the immediate highway, that being SR 970 East

MP: 85.58

Location: I-90 and Sunset Hwy, Cle Elum

SR 970 exits, goes straight to SR 903

Continue on:


E to US-97, W to SR 906

W to SR 903

E to I-90