U.S. Route 2, I-5 to SR 204


MP: .05

Location: Walnu t St and Hewitt Ave, Everett

US-2 will turn left as it crosses under I-5 to rise up onto a limited access highway


MP: .29

Location: US-2 and Walnut St, Everett

Reassurance shield as we rise up onto the bridge


MP: .99

Location: US-2 and 51st Ave SE, Everett

51st Ave SE exits, going to Homeacres Rd. US-2 and SR 204 will split soon

MP: 1.59

Location: US-2 and 51st Ave SE, Everett

SR 204 will exit left to spur northeast to route 9, US-2 will bear right to go southeast to route 9


MP: 2.13

Location: US-2 and SR 204, Everett

SR 204 exits and US-2 does as well, heading onto another roadway.


E to SR 9, W to SR 529


E to SR 9


N to SR 529 SPUR, S to SR 529