State Route 119, US-101 to Lake Cushman State Park


MP: .2

Location: SR 119 and US-101, Hoodsport

Reassurance shield right at the beginning of the route


MP: 7.28

Location: Lake Cushman Rd at the north end of Lake Cushman State Park, Mason Cty

Reassurance shield as we exit the state park and the speed li mit bumps up to 60


MP: 9.28

Location: N Lake Cushman Rd and NF-24, Mason Cty

JCT NF-24, SR 119 bears left to head to its terminus


MP: 10.9

Location: Lake Cushman Rd and Tebo Rd, Mason Cty

End SR 119, just before Olympic National Park


N to SR 104, S to SR 106