Interstate 5, SR 11 to SR 542


Last Driven September 2016

(Historic Photo: April 2007)

MP: 252.38

Location: I-5 and 36th St, Bellingham

Reassurance shield after the 36th St interchange, which has since been removed.

MP: 253.64

Location: I-5 and Iowa St, Bellingham

1 mile to JCT SR 542 at the Iowa St exit

(Historic Photo: April 2007)

MP: 254.66

Location: I-5 and E Sunset Dr, Bellingham

SR 542 exits, heads up to Mt. Baker. WSDOT moved the advance gantry for SR 539 up to the overpass in the background.

N to SR 539, S to SR 11

E to SR 9

S to I-5