Interstate 5, SR 20 to SR 11


Last Driven September 2016

MP: 230.10

Location: I-5 and Avon Cutoff Rd, Burlington

In the middle of the SR 20 interchange, we’re 3/4 of a mile from SR 11.¬†This is Chuckanut Dr, the original route from Burlington to Bellingham. In the 30′s, US-99 was moved closer to the current alignment of I-5, and Chuckanut Drive became ALT US-99. One of the most interesting roads in the state by most opinions.

(Historic Photo: September 2007)

MP: 230.55

Location: I-5 and Chuckanut Dr, Burlington

Former sign indicating a half mile to SR 11, which was moved back a quarter mile.

(Historic Photo: September 2007)

MP: 231.01

Location: I-5 and Chuckanut Dr, Burlington

SR 11 exits, heads back to I-5

N to SR 11, S to SR 538

N to I-5

E to SR 9, W to SR 536