Interstate 5, SR 104 to SR 524


Last Driven June 2019

(Historic Photo: August 2007)

MP: 179.28

Location: I-5 and Ballinger Way NE, Shoreline

Three miles to I-405 and SR 525. This gantry used to be advance notice for SR 524, but they’ve reconfigured the signs at this interchange.

(Historic Photo: August 2007)

MP: 179.77

Location: I-5 and 44th Ave NW, Lynnwood

Right lane will be the exit for the spur up to SR 524

MP: 179.97

Location: I-5 and 44th St NW, Lynnwood

Reassurance shield as we pass over 212th St SW

(Historic Photos: August 2007, April 2015)

MP: 180.31

Location: I-5 and 44th St W, Lynnwood

With the interchange reconfiguration this overhead gantry was removed, with a ground-mounted sign put in its place.

(Historic Photo: April 2015)

MP: 180.58

Location: I-5 and 196th St, Lynnwood

This sign now carries the advance notice for SR 525 and I-405.

MP: 181.12

Location: I-5 and 196th St, Lynnwood

Exit for SR 524.

N to I-405/SR 525, S to SR 523

E to SR 527, W to SR 99

E to SR 522, W to SR 99