Interstate 5, I-90 to SR 520


Last Driven July 2019

(Historic Photo: August 2007)

MP: 164.75

Location: I-90 and I-5, Seattle

Stay straight for I-5 north, mainline. The left lanes are reversible express lanes that go up past SR 522 to Northgate.

MP: 164.85

Location: I-5 and James St, Seattle

Overhead reassurance shield from the local lanes.

MP: 165.48

Location: I-5 and Seneca St, Seattle

LGS Reassurer at the Seneca ST exit

(Historic Photo: August 2007)

MP: 166.88

Location: I-5 and Olive Way, Seattle

1 mile to SR 520, a bridge across Lake Washington as we exit downtown Seattle

MP: 167.32

Location: I-5 and SR 520, Seattle

Left side reassurance shield as we head out of downtown.

(Historic Photo: August 2007)

MP: 167.54

Location: I-5 and Evergreen Pt Floating Brg, Seattle

SR 520 will exit, taking a lane. Wide loads prohibited as is (HC)

(Historic Photo: August 2007)

MP: 167.8

Location: I-5 and Evergreen Pt. Floating Brg, Seattle

SR 520 exits, BGS reassurer for I-5

N to SR 522, S to SR 599

E to I-405

E to I-405, W to SR 519