Interstate 5, SR 900 to I-90


MP: 161.41

Location: I-5 and Swift Ave, Seattle

Reassurance shield after the Swift Ave interchange


MP: 161.89

Location: I-5 and West Seattle Brg, Seattle

The West Seattle Bridge will exit in a minute, but there is still two miles to I-90. Usually heavy traffic here


MP: 163.35

Location: I-5 and I-90, Seattle

Intersection of two major interstates coming up


MP: 164.01

Location: I-5 and I-90, Seattle

I-90 east exits, but it also continues west just a little ways (a few blocks) to JCT SR 519, via 4th Ave S ramps



N to SR 520, S to SR 599

E to I-405, W to SR 519


E to SR 167