Interstate 5, SR 516 to I-405/SR 518


Last Driven (partially) April 2015

(Historic Photo: May 2007)

MP: 149.65

Location: Kent-Des Moines Rd and I-5, Kent

Reassurance shield after SR 516

MP: 150.33

Location: I-5 and Military Rd, Kent

25 minutes to Bellevue via I-90, 19 minutes via I-405

MP: 151.36

Location: I-5 and Military Rd, Kent

Reassurance shield after the Military Rd interchange


MP: 152.67

Location: I-5 and S 188th St, Seatac

Reassurance shield after the S 188th St exit, the fastest way for traffic south of Seatac to get to the airport, although they are discouraged from doing so

MP: 153.13

Location: I-5 and I-405, Seatac

LGS indicator of what will happen, I-405 turns into SR 518. SR 518 is the airport freeway, I-405 a major beltway

MP: 153.41

Location: I-5 and I-405, Renton

Identical sign, just a little later

MP:  153.87

Location; I-5 and I-405, Renton

Southcenter exits, 405 and 518 coming up pretty quick


MP: 154.11

Location: I-5 and I-405, Renton

I-405 and SR 518 exit, I-5 carpool lane bends over the interchange exiting left

N to SR 599, S to SR 18

N to SR 181

W to SR 99

E to SR 181, W to SR 99