Interstate 5, I-705/SR 7 to SR 167


Last Driven April 2015

(Historic Photo: April 2007)

MP: 134.16

Location: I-5 and I-705, Tacoma

Aw, it’s gone in 2015. I miss it. I think this and the one on the preceding page were the last ’57 spec shields posted on the I-5 mainline.

AMP: 134.55

Location: I-5 and Portland Ave, Tacoma

What I believe to be the last button copy on I-5 shows up here too, as they’ve been planning on rebuilding this interchange forever and haven’t replaced the signs.

(Historic Photo: April 2007)

MP: 134.78

Location: I-5 and River St, Tacoma

BGS Reassurer, Seatac being a control “city”, probably for Tacoma tourists.  SR 167 will exit, but bring that lane back

(Historic Photo: April 2007)

MP: 135

Location: I-5 and River St, Tacoma

SR 167 exits, taking a lane with it

N to SR 99, S to SR 16

S to SR 161

N to SR 509

S to SR 512