Interstate 5, SR 510 to SR 512


Last Driven April 2015

(Historic Photo: April 2007)

MP: 112.51

Location: I-5 and Marvin Rd NE, Lacey

Reassurance shield after SR 510

MP: 112.53

Location: I-5 and Marvin Rd, Lacey

Time sign for SR 512 that is inactive as I drove by it outside of rushhour.

(Historic Photo: April 2007)

MP: 114.58

Location: I-5 and Martin Way SE, Lacey

Reassurance shield as we head out of Lacey and Olympia

MP: 115.16

Location: I-5 and Martin Way SE, Nisqually, Thurston Cty

REassurance shield in the Nisqually Flats, after we cross the Nisqually River


MP: 119.5

Location:  I-5 and DuPont-Steilacoom Rd, DuPont

Reassurance shield after the DuPont-Steilacoom Rd exit

MP: 121.5

Location: I-5 and Fort Lewis Rd, Pierce Cty

Reassurance shield after the exit to Fort Lewis.

MP: 123.02

Location: I-5 and Berkeley St, Lakewood

Reassurance shield after Berkeley St as we enter Lakewood.

MP: 124.05

Location: I-5 and Thorne Ln, Lakewood
Reassurance shield after Thorne Ln.

(Historic Photo: April 2007)

MP: 125.22

Location: I-5 and Gravelly Lake Dr SW, Lakewood

2 miles to JCT SR 512, a freeway connecting I-5 to Puyallup

(Historic Photo: April 2007)

MP: 125.62

Location: Bridgeport Way SW and I-5, Lakewood

1..5 miles to SR 512, a kind of major road, also connecting I-5 south of Tacoma to the West Valley Suburbs of Kent and Auburn via the Valley Fwy

(Historic Photo: April 2007)

MP: 126.36

Location: I-5 and SR 512, Tacoma

Theres even TWO ways to get to Rainier from 512. You can take it to SR 7 and roll south on that and then take SR 706, the Road to Paradise, down there, or you can take 512 to 167, and then take that north a mile to 410, and go east on that to Chinook Pass and the national park.

MP: 126.45

Location: I-5 and SR 512, Tacoma

Follow SR 512 for the state fairgrounds.

(Historic Photo: April 2007)

MP: 126.6

Location: I-5 and SR 512, Tacoma

SR 512 will exit in half a mile

(Historic Photo: April 2007)

MP: 127.14

Location: I-5 and SR 512, Tacoma

SR 512 exits, heads as a freeway east to Puyallup and then ends abruptly.

N to SR 16, S to US-101

E to SR 7

E to SR 507