State Route 536, I-5 to SR 20


MP: 5.27

Location: 3rd St and Kincaid St, Mt. Vernon

SR 536 turns right on 3rd St just after the I-5 interchange


MP: 5.01

Location: S 3rd St and W Division St, Mt Vernon

Interesting situation here, a reverse color sign (SR 536 at night?), but stay straight.


MP: 4.17

Location: W Division St and N Wall St, Mt Vernon

Reassurance shield as we head out of town


MP: .6

Location: Memorial Hwy and Bradshaw Rd, Mt Vernon

SR 536 bears right to head up to SR 20


MP: .15

Location: Memorial Hwy and Avon Cty, Fredonia, Skagit Cty

SR 536 comes to an end, approaches SR 20


E to I-5, W to SR 20 SPUR

N to SR 538, S to SR 534