State Route 124, US-12 to SR 125


MP: 44.93

Location: Preston Ave and Coppei Ave, Waitsburg

Reassurance shield immediately after the junction


MP: 44.86

Location: Preston Ave and Main St, Waitsburg

Interesting sign here. SR 124 turns right and then immediately left, so Mr. Washington’s head serves as a marker for the buildings in a way.


MP: 44.87

Location: Main St and W 2nd St, Waitsburg

and now SR 124 turns left.


MP: 44.27

Location: W 2nd St and Kyle Rd, Waitsburg

Reassurance shield as we head out of Waitsburg


MP: 44.09

Location: W 2nd St and Kyle Rd, Waitsburg

For some reason, another reassurer less than 1/5 of a mile later.


MP: 41.59

Location: Lower Waitsburg Rd and SR 124, Whitman Cty

Reassurance shield after lower waitsburg rd


MP: 40.85

Location: Bolles Rd and SR 124, Whitman Cty

Yet another reassurer on what may be the best-signed non interstate highway stretch in Washington


MP: 37.06

Location: SR 124 and Hart Rd, Prescott

Reassurance shield as we get near Prescott


MP: 36.38

Location: E 2nd St and N G St, Prescott

Reassurance shield in Prescott


MP: 35.06

Location: SR 124 and SR 125, Prescott

JCT SR 125 coming up, s pur down to Walla Walla and then via OR-11, Pendleton


MP: 34.99

Location: SR 124 and SR 125. Prescott

Turn left for SR 125 downt o US-12




W to US-12

S to US-12

E to SR 261, W to SR 125