State Route 22, SR 223 to US-97


MP: 8.56

Location: SR 22 and SR 223, Alfalfa, Yakima Cty

Reassurance shield after SR 223


MP: 4.5

Location: Division Rd and SR 22, Toppenish

They aren’t signing only Oregon control cities out of the goodness of their hearts, there’s really absolutely nothing between here and the Oregon border.


MP: 4.27

Location: US-97 and S Elm St, Toppenish

JCT US-97, it continues south to Oregon in the middle of nowhere, and turns into a partially controlled access highway from Toppenish to Yakima


MP: 4.11

Location: US-97 and S Elm St, Toppenish

SR 22 turns right, heads into Toppenish, and US-97 takes over this roadway



W to I-82/US-12, E to SR 241


N to I-82/US-12, S to SR 142


N to I-82/US-12