Interstate 705, Schuster Pkwy to SR 509


(Historic Photo: October 2007)

MP: 1.32

Location: Interstate 705 at S 9th St Onramp, Tacoma WA

“South” sign. As of 5/1/06, when SRWeb Route Photos were taken, this also read “Interstate 705″, so it is likely that the reassurance shield here was stolen.

UPDATE 4/10/08: The reassurance shield is back! Here is a picture

MP: 1.16

Location: Interstate 705, near S 21st St, Tacoma WA

BGS letting us know that the SR 509 freeway/access to Downtown Tacoma are exiting off. I-705 is signed here as “To I-5″

MP: .97

Location: Interstate 705 and State Route 509, Tacoma WA

SR 509 exits, heads north as a freeway to the port districts

S to I-5/SR 7

N to SR 99