State Route 108, US-101 to SR 8


MP: 11.96

Location: US-101 and SR 108, Kamilche, Mason Cty

Turn left for SR 108


MP: 11.82

Location: SR 108 and Kamilche Ln, Kamilche, Mason Cty

Reassurance shield at the beginning of the route


MP: 1.95

Location: N Summit Rd and McLeary-Summit Rd, Grays Harbor Cty

Turn left to go to McLeary and follow SR 108


MP: 1.17

Location: S 3rd St and W Simpson St, McLeary

SR 108 turns left to head into SR 8

MP: .04

Location: SR 8 and SR 108, McLeary



E to US-101, W to US-12

S to SR 3, N to SR 8