U.S. Route 12, US-730 to SR 125 Spur


Last Driven March 2017

MP: 307.68

Location: US-12 and US-730, Wallula

Reassurance shield after US-730

MP: 320.11

Location: Walnut St and US-12, Touchet

Reassurance shield as we head out of Touchet

(Historic Photo: May 2007)

MP: 332.04

Location: Wallula Rd and US-12, Walla Walla

Reassurance shield after Wallula Rd, milepost a little off

MP: 333.10

Location: US-12 and Sudbury Rd, Walla Walla Cty

Reassurance shield after Sudbury Rd.

(Historic Photo: May 2007)

MP: 334.05

Location: US-12 and Hussey Rd, Walla Walla

1 mile to SR 125 Spur, which connects to SR 125. Disappointingly, the TO Oregon 11 portion of this sign was removed when US 12 was rebuilt.

(Historic Photo: May 2007)

MP: 335.14

Location: Dell Ave and US-12, Walla Walla.

Exit for SR 125 Spur to SR 125.

  E to SR 124, W to SR 124

 E to SR 125

E to OR State Line