U.S. Route 12, SR 22 to SR 223


Last Driven July 2019

(Historic Photo: May 2007)

MP: 50.72

Location: Buena Rd and I-82, Yakima Cty

The designer of the I-82 reassurance shields that used to be here needs to be permanently deported to Rhode Island.

(Historic Photo: May 2007)

MP: 52.69

Location: I-82 and Meyers Rd, Zillah

I’ve changed my mind. The designer of the old I-82 signs needs to be thrown into prison and tried for crimes against signage.

(Historic Photo: May 2007)

MP: 54.64

Location: I-82 and Yakima Valley Hwy, Zillah

Still not perfect, but at least MUTCD compliant.

(Historic Photo: May 2007)

MP: 57.18

Location: Hudson Rd and I-82, Granger

1 mile to the SR 223 exit, which spurs down to SR 22

MP: 58.18

Location: Vanbelle Rd, Granger

SR 223 exits, runs through Granger to JCT SR 22

E to SR 241, W to US-97

E to SR 241, W to US-97

S to SR 22

E to US-97