State Route 125, SR 124 to SR 125 Spur


MP: 23.65

Location: SR 124 and SR 125, Prescott

Reassurance shield after the junction with SR 124

MP: 6.3

Location: 13th Ave N and Paine St, Walla Walla

Trucks are told to take US-12 to get out of town instead of going through Walla Walla. Also turn right for US-12 west.

(Historic Photo: July 2007)

MP: 6.12

Location: US-12 and 13th Ave N, Walla Walla

Turn right to follow 125 Spur to US-12. Turn left for SR 125 south.

S to OR-11/OR State Line

 W to US-12

W to US-12, E to US-12