State Route 127, SR 26 to US-12


MP: 26.99

Location: SR 26 and SR 127, Dusty, Whitman Cty

27 miles to US-12 and the southern terminus of this route

MP: 19.4

Location: Big Alkali Rd and SR 127, Whitman Cty

Well, this is not a U.S. Highway. And, it’s not even a correctly formatted 3 digit US highway sign. Almost a total failure here by WSDOT. I like to think of this as a subtle homage to the road that used to take this alignment US-295. It’s probably an error, but I’ll assume the best in this case.

MP: 9.92

Location: Columbia River at Central Ferry, Garfield Cty

SR 127 goes over the old Central Ferry Bridge

MP: 1

Location: US-12 and SR 127, Dodge, Garfield Cty

1 mile to JCT US-12

MP: .14

Location: SR 127 and US-12, Dodge

Unnecessary Junction here, a fancy Wye interchange. Left for 12 E, straight for 12 W

MP: .04

Location: SR 127 and US-12, Dodge, Garfield Cty

Left for US-12 E

E to SR 128, W to SR 261

W to SR 260/SR 261, E to US-195