State Route 823, I-82/US-97 to SR 821


MP: .81B

Location: Selah Rd, Selah WA

First reassurance shield after the I-82 exit.

MP: .68

Location: S 1st St near 11th Ave, Selah WA

Reassurance shield as we enter the town of Selah

MP: 1.37

Location: S 1st St and E Naches Ave, Selah WA

SR 823 will turn right onto Naches Ave for about a block.

MP: 1.46

Location: E Naches Ave and N Wenas Rd, Selah WA

SR 823 turns left onto N Wenas Rd after a quick trip on Naches Ave. It will now head out of Selah

MP: 1.62

Location: N Wenas Rd near E Orchard Ave, Selah WA

After the turn onto N Wenas Rd, a reassurance shield

MP: 2.31

Location: N Wenas Rd near E Goodlander Rd, Selah WA

Proceeding straight on SR 823 will eventually take you to SR 821, which quickly spurs to I-82. This is the most direct route from here to Westbound I-82

MP: 2.67

Location: N Wenas Rd near Harrison Rd, Selah WA

SR 823 bears right onto Harrison Rd and leads out of town to SR 821/I-82

MP: 2.73

Location: N Wenas Ave and Harrison Rd, Selah WA

Another reminder that SR 823 bears right right here

MP: 4.74

Location: Harrison Rd and Canyon Rd, Selah WA

Turn left to go up Canyon Rd (former US-97) to JCT I-82/US-97 near Ellensburg, and turn right to basically get on an onramp for I-82/US-97 (only signed here as I-82)

Continue on:

N to I-82/US-97, S to I-82/US-97

E to US-12, W to SR 821

N to SR 821, S to US-12