State Route 163, Ruston Ferry Terminal to SR 16


The following stretch of road is the very first I ever drove as part of this project. It will always have a special place in my heart.


MP: 3.11

Location: N Pearl St and N 54th St, Ruston

The first reassurance shield for the entire highway, at mile marker 3. The road bares left from the ferry lanes onto Pearl St. There are no indicators at Tahlequah, as it is merely a state highway for funding purposes.

MP: .87

Location: N Pearl St and N 26th St, Tacoma

Second reassurance shield along Pearl St, just south of 26th St.

MP: .25

Location: N Pearl St and S 14th St, Tacoma

First indicator of the upcoming junction with route 16, which leads to I-5. Note the blacking out of words. It appears that at one point this junction served only eastbound Route 16, and I imagine the larger blackout portion was a control for Seattle, but that’s anyone’s guess.

MP: .13

Location: N Pearl St and SR 16, Tacoma

Junction with Highway 16 approaching. Eastbound spurs to Interstate 5, and westbound proceeds up the Kitsap Peninsula, connecting with WA-3

MP: .09

Location: SR 16 and N Pearl St, Tacoma

163 comes to its unceremonious end just before the eastbound onramp to route 16.



N to Tahlequah Ferry Terminal

E to I-5, W to SR 302