State Route 164, SR 410 to SR 169


MP: 15.09

Location: Roosevelt Ave and Cole St, Enumclaw

Turn left onto Griffin Ave to get to SR 164 and SR 169


MP: 14.63

Location: Cole St and Griffin Ave, Enumclaw

WTF?!?!?!?! OK, so I have to turn left onto this state highway, but I’m not allowed to make a left turn!?!? ARGH OMG WTF SHIT SHIT DAMN DAMN ARRRGGGHHH. DOESN’T MAKE SENSE WSDOT. YOU HEAR ME?? DOES NOT MAKE SENSE!


MP: 14.55

Location: Griffin Ave and Porter St, Enumclaw

Left for SR 169, straight for SR 164


W to SR 18

N to SR 516

W to SR 165, E to SR 123