State Route 167, SR 18 to SR 516


MP: 16.27

Location: Valley Fwy and 15th St NW, Auburn

Reassurance shield after the 15th St NW exit


MP: 18.35

Location: Valley Fwy and S 277th St, Kent

We’re definitely in King county now…these crazy LGS reassurers!

MP: 18.84

Location: S Kent-Des Moines Rd and Valley Fwy, Kent

SR 516 will exit in half a mile

MP: 19.35

Location: Valley Fwy and S Kent-Des Moines Rd, Kent

SR 516 exits. If it weren’t for my wiper, you could even read the sign!


N to I-405, S to SR 410

E to SR 515, W to SR 181

W to I-5, E to SR 164