State Route 167, I-5 to SR 161


MP: 2.92

Location: 56th Ave E and River Rd E, Puyallup

Reassurance shield on this portion of the road. The stretch from 5 to 161 is not a freeway, although WSDOT would love to change that.


MP: 6.05B

Location: River Rd E and N Meridian, Puyallup

Turn left to stay on SR 167, or right to go into downtown Puyallup


MP: 6.19B

Location: E River Rd and N Meridian, Puyallup

Turning left takes you to JCT SR 161, northbound heading up to SR 18 and southbound joining SR 167 north

MP: 6.27B

Location: N Meridian and River Rd, Puyallup

SR 167 turns left onto Meridian and comes up on a junction with SR 161. SR 161 North heads north, and SR 161 South and SR 167 North share a roadway west before splitting, forming a wrong-way multiplex


MP: 5.27

Location: N Meridian and SR 167, Puyallup

Right for SR 167 N/SR 161 S, heading to SR 512 which takes SR 161, and then SR 167 continues to SR 410

N to SR 161/SR 512

S to SR 167/SR 512, N to SR 99

N to SR 99, S to I-705/SR 7