Interstate 405, SR 522 to Former SR 908


Last Driven April 2015

(Historic Photo: April 2007)

MP: 23.11

Location: NE 160th St and I-405, Woodinville

Reassurance shield after SR 522

MP: 21.48

Location: I-405 and 160th St, Woodinville

Reassurance shield after SR 522, with the new, extended interchange.

(Historic Photo: April 2007)

MP: 19.36

Location: SW 116th St and I-405, Kirkland

This sign was removed after SR 908 was decommissioned.

MP: 18.54

Location: NE 85th St and I-405, Kirkland

Former SR 908 exits, heads to Redmond and Microsoft. As of 2015, this sign is still here.

MP: 18.54

Location: I-405 and 85th St, Kirkland

Exit for 85th St/Former SR 908

N to SR 527, S to SR 520

E to SR 202

W to SR 527, E to SR 202