U.S. Route 97, SR 17 to SR 213


Last Driven May 2018

(Historic Photo: September 2007)

MP: 265.3

Location: US-97 and SR 17, Okanogan Cty

Reassurance shield right after the 17 junction

(Historic Photo: September 2007)

MP: 267.79

Location: US-97 and Cameron Lake Rd, Monse, Okanogan Cty

Reassurance shield after the turnoff for the village of Monse

MP: 277.9

Location: US 97 and Malott-Brando Rd, Okanogan Cty

In a half mile, we’ll approach the turnoff to Malott, which is now unsigned SR 213.

MP: 278.4

Location: US 97 and Malott-Brando Rd, Malott

Turn right for SR 213, which spurs into Malott.

 N to SR 20S to SR 173

 N to Malott

 S to SR 174