State Route 512, SR 161 to SR 161/SR 167


MP: 9.16

Location: S Meridian St and SR 512, Puyallup

Dual reassurance shield indicating both SR 512 and SR 161


MP: 10.84

Location: Pioneer Ave and SR 512, Puyallup

SR 161 will exit pretty soon, and join southbound SR 167 in a wrong-way multiplex (North 161, South 167), for about half a mile


MP: 11.04

Location: SR 512 and Pioneer Wy, Puyallup

Reassurance shield for SR 512, SR 161 is already taken care of, I guess


MP: 11.4

Location: Pioneer Way and SR 512, Puyallup

Following SR 167 will take you almost immediately to SR 410, and then up the Valley Freeway through Renton to I-405


MP: 11.54

Location: SR 167 and SR 512, Puyallup

Following SR 410 (via SR 167) is a great way to get to Mt. Rainier Nat’l Park from here, right at Chinook Pass


MP: 11.7

Location: SR 512 and SR 167, Puyallup

Explanation of the situation: SR 161 North and SR 167 south follow a wrong way multiplex west for about half a mile before SR 161 heads up to SR 99 in Federal Way, and SR 167 heads south to Tacoma. SR 167 north will hook east to JCT SR 410, and then spur north to I-405 in Renton



W to SR 7

S to SR 7, N to SR 167

S to SR 512, N to SR 167

N to SR 410, S to SR 161

S to SR 7, N to SR 167/SR 512