U.S. Route 2, SR 20 to SR 41/ID-41/ID State Line


MP: 334.41

Location: W Walnut St and N Newport Ave, Newport

No junction signage for Idaho 41, but that’s the point. Idaho 41 is also unsigned Washington SR 41 where it straddles the state line.

MP: 334.51

Location: W Walnut St and N State Ave, Newport

Junction SR 41/Idaho 41 right on the Idaho state line. Across the stoplight is Oldtown Idaho, and you can see the first Idaho reassurance shield in all its scenic poop brown glory. This is also the only instance I know of in the state of Idaho where they attempt to recreate the state route shield on a stoplight panel, a very common occurence in Washington

E to ID-57, W to SR 211

S to ID-41/ID State Line

  S to SR 41/WA State Line

W to SR 211