U.S. Route 160, US-64 to NM State Line


AMP: 465

Location: US-160 and US-64, Teec Nos Pos, Apache Cty

Reassurance shield after the 64 junction as we head out of Teec Nos Pos

AMP: 470

Location: US-160 at the New Mexico Line, Apache Cty

At the bottom of this first hill, where the road changes to no passing, we’ll enter New Mexico. The turn lane is the Four Corners, and just after that is Colorado. 160 is in New Mexico for less than a mile, so no signage at the state line. The RV is at the New Mexico SR-597 junction, which serves the Four Corners monument. NMDOT does maintain this stretch of road.

E to NM-597, W to US-191

E to NM State Line